Producing wool the way nature intended it.

Plevna Downs operates on 112 000 hectares producing one of Australia’s largest organic merino wool clips. Since 1997 this wool has been produced in accordance with the strict, chemical free, environmentally sound and economically sustainable practices which are required for certification through an internationally recognised organic certifying body NASAA.


Plevna Downs Pastoral Company genuinely believes in the organic production process.  The property is being managed so that the natural state of the land will be maintained or even improved and that the well-being of the livestock is ensured.

 Far South Western Queensland, in the very heart of the renowned Australian Outback, has proven to be an ideal environment for producing Plevna Downs’ quality organic wool.


News 2008

Plevna Downs organic merino wool as well as being certified organic for 12 years now carries the non-mulesing label. Mulesing ceased in 2003.

Due to recent genetic improvement in the flock more 'elite' style wool is now being produced.

2008 Test Results

"This fibre has been nurtured by nature and man and is perceived as pure, unique and enviromentally balanced "


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