Quality assurance is guaranteed by being certified with an internationally recognised organic body.  Plevna Downs is   fully certified with NASAA  (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) (NASAA organic standards) and also holds full certification with the United States of America organic certifying body USDA  ( United States Department of Agriculture)


To gain organic certification with NASAA, an initial inspection is carried out to take soil samples, identify sites of contamination risk and work through the property management plan.

The next step towards certification is the 3 years conversion stage which is period that allows you to change any old unacceptable practices, implement new management techniques and clean up any contamination sites that need attention before full certification can be granted. 

The organic process integrity is maintained by annual auditing of the property and the property management plan by NASAA inspectors.

As part of the property management plan, all stock are individually identified by ear tags ensuring the traceability of their individual history.  This also prevents any non-organic stock entering the system.

The practise of mulesing was ceased in 2003. Now all wool produced by Plevna Downs qualifies as non-mulesed wool.


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"Being organic is all about being sustainable - environmentally, ecologically and economically"

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