• Organic Merino Wool – Plevna Downs Organic Wool is a medium micron pure merino wool which is consistently soft handling, low vegetable matter and sound (high tensile strength). (Test Results).  The consistency of the wool throughout the flock of in excess of 10 000 sheep makes it easy to package our wool in container loads (15 to 20 tonnes) of similar style wool.  This is the preferred customer order size.
  • Organic Beef, Lamb & Mutton -   Plevna Downs also produces these products for more information Contact Us


  • Sheep graze in a completely natural environment free of any chemicals.
  • Health of the sheep is monitored and maintained at all times.
  • Grazing is managed in a way that has minimal impact on the environment now and in the future.

Natural pastures consisting of Mitchell grass and mixed herbages make up the mixed high protein diet necessary for healthy sheep to produce quality organic wool.

The sheep are shorn once a year in April, the wool is baled on farm and stamped with the organic label.  Each bale has an individual identification number.  The wool is transported to Brisbane, cored and tested and then stored until sold and exported.

The wool test results become available late April to early May for the perusal of potential buyers.  Predicted wool test result can be obtained up to 6 months before shearing if seeking a forward sale. Contact Us

The wool harvesting, transporting, testing and storage process complies with all organic certification standards.





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